March 10th to May 18th (10 weeks) | Online

Better Than Yesterday

A support group to keep you accountable to your personal goals. Scroll down for more information.
Better Than Yesterday

Time & Location

March 10th to May 18th (10 weeks)

About the Event

Hello! My name is Omotola Thomas and I'm delighted you chose to stop by. I am about to launch a pilot "accountability" program called Better Than Yesterday (BTY).

For over a decade, I have struggled greatly with maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. A Parkinson's disease (PD) diagnosis three years ago certainly did not help matters. A lot of people who know me will find this difficult to believe, but almost every year (for the last 12 years) my weight swings from a low of about 145lbs to a high of about 170lbs before settling somewhere around 159lbs. Only to start the cycle again a few months later. That is a swing of about 25lbs. Every. Single. Year. As you can imagine, that constant back and forth will take it's toll on any body, talk less of one fighting a neurodegenerative disease like PD. I'm exhausted and I want out.

I believe very strongly in "accountability" and I have successfully used it to enhance different aspects of my life. The primary objective of BTY is to use the power of accountability to positively impact my life, and hopefully yours, specifically in the areas of exercise and nutrition. Having said that, I would like to STRESS 2 things here:

1. No one in the BTY group is permitted to give medical advice. BTY is simply a platform where you set personal goals and you have a bunch of people keeping you accountable and cheering you on.

2. While you are encouraged to draw inspiration from other people's success, the only person you are expected to compete against is the person you were yesterday (hence the name "Better Than Yesterday").

So, if you have struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, like I have; are looking for support from others; and are willing to support others, too; why not click "Register Now" to indicate your interest in being a part of BTY. As this is a pilot, I may not be able to accept everyone who is interested in this launch. If that happens, those interests will be automatically registered for the next launch.

Thank you for your time; I look forward to a positively transformative journey with you.

Warm regards,

Omotola Thomas