Imagine you are a caterpillar. Imagine going through the most difficult and transformative period of your life where your body releases enzymes that break down and dissolve your own body parts, and then reconstitutes them into new parts.

Now, imagine you survived that painful and grueling process, and you are now waiting patiently inside your chrysalis. As you wait, you observe others who went through a similar process, emerge from their chrysalises with stunning wings. You smile, knowing that in a matter of days, all the pain you endured would be worthwhile because you too will emerge with wings and finally fly.

The day is finally here! You are free from the confinement that tortured you and held you prisoner. You hurriedly exit and run to the nearest mirror to observe the color of your wings, and to your ABSOLUTE HORROR, your reflection reveals you haven't changed, you are still a caterpillar - an old, angry, wrinkled caterpillar. What an atrocity!

As unfair as it seems, the same atrocity is likely to befall those of us who believe that for our circumstances to change, everything and everyone around us must first change. We fail to realize that inside the chrysalis (i.e. our struggles), the change that bears the most consequence is that of the caterpillar (i.e. us). As a result, we are unwilling to release the enzymes that could possibly break down our dogged philosophies, fixed mindsets, and preconceived notions. We stay bitter, jealous, unforgiving, unyielding and angry, forgetting that the window of opportunity for radical transformation could shut at any time.

Don't just go through adversity, allow yourself to be transformed through it... only then, can you emerge with wings.

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